The Global Boyhood Initiative is coordinated by Equimundo in partnership with Plan International and core global partner Gillette. Co-founded in 2020 by Equimundo and the Kering Foundation, it is designed to support boys aged 4 to 13 and the adults in their lives with the resources they need to raise, teach, coach and set an example for boys to become men who embrace healthy masculinity and gender equality.


Together we can change boyhood for the better.

The Global Boyhood Initiative is about guiding boys to:

Share Emotions in Healthy Ways

Accept & Connect With Others

Stand Up & Speak Out Against Bullying & Inequality

Break Free From Stereotypes

What is the Global Boyhood Initiative?

Read our one-pager about GBI.

Watch our recent webinar on Boys & Education on April 5

What is gender-transformative education? How can it promote gender equality and equitable educational opportunities to help all students learn and thrive? Join the Global Boyhood Initiative and experts in the field for a panel discussion.


10 Tips for parents on how to deal with radical influencers on social media


Resources for men to be allies at home and the work place and teach boys how to be allies well. This resource is published in collaboration with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Podcast, Archetypes

Use Our Conversation Starters

Card decks for parents and kids ages 4-13 years old

Read Our State Of America's Boys Report

An Urgent Case for a More Connected Boyhood

Read our research with parents in the U.S.

Staying-at-Home with our Sons: Fostering Healthy Masculinity* in Challenging Times

Read our report about masculinity onscreen

If He Can See It, Will He Be It? Representations of Masculinity in Boys’ Television

Action Steps for Parents

Action Steps for Content Creators

Read the State of UK Boys Report

Understanding and Transforming Gender in the Lives of UK Boys

State of UK Boys Long Report

State of UK Boys

Read our study on boys and online gaming

The Double-Edged Sword of Online Gaming, a study conducted in partnership with the Geena Davis Institute, analyzes masculinity in video games and in the gaming community.

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